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Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing includes activities like posting text and image updates, videos, and other content that drives audience engagement


Using Facebook for Social Media Marketing


Facebook’s casual, friendly environment requires an active social media marketing strategy. Start by creating a Facebook Business Fan Page.  You will want to pay careful attention to layout, as the visual component is a key aspect of the Facebook experience.


What Facebook Advertising Services do we offer?


We utilize cutting-edge advertising tools, experience, and industry-specific expertise to build an individualized Facebook advertising strategy for each client.

Our effective and actionable strategy can be broken down into the following key steps:


Extensive Research


We research industry insights, run social media competitor analyses, and review past campaigns to get a head start.


Results-Driven Facebook Ad Development


Based on the insights we’ve collected, our team writes engaging and conversion-oriented Facebook ads. We use high-quality images and concept illustrations to engage with your target audience.


Facebook Management and Analysis


Our team keeps up with insights and continues to implement new strategies to minimize errors, make essential correlations for future social media campaigns, and keep things on track.


Facebook Optimization


Once your ads are up and running, we monitor the progress and make adjustments. From optimizing your ad schedule to tweaking campaign objectives, we ensure your ads generate clicks.


Using Instagram for Social Media Marketing


Instagram is a great way to show potential customers that you are more than just a faceless corporation. Instagram live posts are also an excellent way to build rapport, trust and credibility with followers, as well as showing that there’s a human side to your business.


What Instagram Advertising Services do we offer?


Our goal is to first understand your brand vision. Our strategists then proceed to develop a custom plan that engages and converts.


 Target Audience Research


We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your potential clients to create an audience profile to target and convert.


Profile Creation/Optimization


Don’t have an Instagram account? We create one for you. If you have one, we optimize it to ensure your brand is always visible!


Content Creation


Our copywriters and content marketing experts craft content keeping your target audience, brand identity and brand voice in mind.


Instagram postings and promotions


We have a team of social media experts who roll out a promotional campaign posting branded images, videos, stories, to market your offerings, webinars, events, etc.


 Using You Tube for Social Media Marketing


Using YouTube for your business can be a cost-effective way to grow it, if used regularly as part of your marketing strategy.

YouTube helps  to promote your business comes with tons of benefits. You’re likely to reach new audiences, and since the service is free, it’s a budget-friendly way to expand your reach.


What YouTube Advertising Services do we offer?


Comprehensive Audience Research


We research industry trends and examine the business model to determine the target audience. We use one or more of the following ads: Display Ads, Overlay Ads, Skippable Video Ads, Non-Skippable Video Ads, Sponsored Cards, Bumper Ads, etc.


Monitoring and Evaluation


We carefully track all metrics (watch time, average view duration, audience engagement and retention, impressions click-through rate, etc.) to ensure the ads are yielding powerful results. We make adjustments to the campaign accordingly and manage each aspect of the project.


Campaign Setup


We create a Google Ads and Google Analytics account and select campaign goals. These include lead generation, product/service promotion, audience reach, brand awareness, or web traffic generation, among others.


Timely and Transparent Reporting


You’ll receive timely and transparent performance updates, so you know exactly how your business is benefiting!


Using linked in for Social Media Marketing


Using LinkedIn company page features allows your  business to reaches its target audience. It allows you to build credibility, create a meaningful network, and glean insider expertise from established experts in your industry.


What Linked in  Advertising Services do we offer?


Our LinkedIn marketing specialists devise actionable strategies. We examine each client’s business model and create an individualized project that helps achieve the desired results. Our process includes:

We use state-of-the-art tools to specify the target audience and gain insights into their preferences, LinkedIn activity, brand expectations, etc.


LinkedIn Profile Creation


Once we’ve covered the basics, we create an updated LinkedIn profile for our clients. If you already have a LinkedIn page, we’ll tailor it in accordance with our research. Depending on your industry, demographic, and brand identity, we make key adjustments to ensure your profile stands out.


LinkedIn Content Creation


Our LinkedIn specialists create high-quality content that’s periodically posted. Our content creation strategy is tailored to maximize connections and engagement with other brands. Depending on your plan, we also use LinkedIn ads to increase your brand’s reach and boost sales.